Modern Transitions

Modern Transitions

Blu Homes and NanaWall are embracing outdoor living spaces as a true part of the home. Enter indoor/outdoor transitions 2.0.


One step. One small step across the threshold of what was—up until just a few minutes ago—a solid wall of glass. Today, that’s all it takes to transition from inside to out—from the domain of interior designer to that of a landscape designer. And watching an entire wall of glass disappear to reveal a seamless transition between these spaces is, indeed, quite a sight to see.

As consumer interest for outdoor living design continues to stay red hot, many products and services have popped up to meet the developing needs and wants of today's’ homeowners. But even with all this attention to innovative products like outdoor kitchens and fire features, outdoor living spaces are often still designed and build in a bit of a vacuum—viewed independent of the interior home. This is tragic really, because the true magic lies in the successful blending of sides—both in and out.

Luckily, there are a few companies with some serious design chops working hard to erase the walls that divide nature and structure once and for all. Check out some of these Northeast projects featuring seamless indoor/outdoor transitions.