The gravel path leads to style

The gravel path leads to style

Using gravel in the landscape can add an inexpensive solution to your stylish Hudson Valley outdoor room design. 

The hardscape element of a beautifully designed landscape is not only structurally significant, but also plays a major role in the overall style and feel of the outdoor space.  Most often, patios and walkways in the Hudson Valley are built using Pennsylvania bluestone & fieldstone, interlocking concrete paving stones, or poured concrete. Always remember, however, that the use of contrasting materials is what builds character and sophistication in any space.



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Using one of the many gravel options available in our area of NY can offer design contrast, while also lowering the overall cost of the hardscape areas within your outdoor room design. The cost of a gravel walkway is significantly lower than that of one built using bluestone or concrete pavers. Gravel colors range from blues to grays and yellows to whites, with different shapes and sizes available as well.

Go check out your local Hudson Valley/Westchester landscape supply yards to find out what will work well in your space. These choices are really no different than choosing the tile in your bathroom or's just that it's for your outdoor home!