THINGS WE LOVE: Modern Furniture From Tyler Mesh

THINGS WE LOVE: Modern Furniture From Tyler Mesh
Outdoor patio furniture Hudson Valley, NY

Clean, modern, and stunning, the outdoor furniture from Canadian-based Tyler Home might just be what you were looking for to set your outdoor living space apart. 

When one first sees the woven wire mesh products manufactured by W.S Tyler, the mind probably won’t associate the product with those used in residential design situations. And that is completely understandable. The W.S Tyler website conjures up images of giant industrial machinery and complicated lab testing, for which the average homeowner here in NY has no real use.  But after clicking on the link labeled Architectural Group, the connection starts become a bit more clear.

Enter the Tyler  The vibe here is a whole lot more appealing to the design savvy Hudson Valley homeowner.  W.S. Tyler’s Architecture & Design division is producing some of the most stunning furniture we at Outdoor Home Magazine have laid eyes on in a long time.  The Silla lounge chair is sleek and contemporary, yet somehow manages to give off an air of comfort and humility.  The surface on which you sit is constructed of a fine, open wire mesh, which do to the airflow, stays nice and cool in the patio sun. If you’re looking for that special focal piece for your new outdoor living space, this beauty may just be it.

Check out the other uses of Tyler Mesh’s products, most notably, the staircase railing applications.