Outdoor dining areas in small spaces

Outdoor dining areas in small spaces

Whether you reside on a tiny city lot or in an apartment or condo, creating your own private outdoor dining space can transform your eating routine. 


Location, Location, Location


You will want to pay attention to a few factors before deciding where your outdoor dining room should be. For example, how is the sunlight travelling through your yard? Are you going to have to incorporate some shade with an umbrella or creative landscaping? Is your table view going to be of 4 lanes of traffic? Think outside of the box. If you have a lot, don't simply consider the front yard and the back yard. Walk around your property. Is there wasted space along the side of your home that could become your private bistro?




Creating a particular mood or designating a theme will help you define your space. Are you looking to recreate a European café atmosphere? A quaint bistro table with some potted topiary plants may be your thing. This is a great theme to incorporate that busy street front scenario. 


What if tranquil and relaxing is more your thing? Consider installing a privacy screen or water feature to help you achieve Zen. A table top fire pit or outdoor chimney will give you warmth and awesome lighting during evening meals. If you are on a balcony or have city fire restrictions to contend with, consider some white LED Christmas lights in a flower pot or creatively string them overhead.


Privacy Screen


You can build an organic privacy screen from fallen tree branches on your property. Conversely, if a more clean, uniform look is more your style, consider purchasing a sheet or two of lattice from your local home renovation store. You can install the lattice or tree branches and allow vine plants to use the material as a trellis. If waiting a season for your clematis or grape vines to fill in is not an option, consider weaving UV fabric through to customize your screen. Be creative and have fun!


Patio Materials


Before you set up your dining table, couches or patio furniture of any sort, you will need to make sure you are on solid ground. An even space can make all the difference. Consider brick, flagstone or painting your current concrete pad. Ideally, your foundation design should be incorporated to balance your outdoor dining space.


Bon appetite!