5 reasons why you should harvest rainwater

5 reasons why you should harvest rainwater

Water is without a doubt the most precious natural resource. Despite this fact, much of the rainwater is still underused. Rainwater can easily be harvested and reused in many creative and cost-effective ways. And what would you do with your saved rainwater? Almost anything! Rainwater can be used on almost any application other than drinking. We’ve summarized the top five reasons of why you should consider harvesting rainwater.


Watering your garden and lawn  


The simplest and most natural way to use rainwater is for watering your garden and lawn. With one well-placed cistern (or an extravagant integrated rainwater system) you can transport rainwater directly to your vegetable and flower gardens with good results. According to many farming experts, rainwater offers a better way to water your tomato plants as compared to tap water and can significantly improve the size and flavor of your vegetables and flowers.


Washing your car


Washing your vehicle with a hose can really waste your water, thereby raising your water bills. Two buckets of rainwater are sufficient in washing an average mid-sized vehicle. Use a biodegradable soap with the rainwater for better and more eco-friendly results.


...and Cooling your Car  


You can conserve water by using harvested rainwater in your car radiator. You can also mix rainwater with the antifreeze of your car.


Swimming pool


Swimming pools or hot tubs are artificial reservoirs that use large amounts of water which is very costly and hard on regular water systems. This is where rainwater comes in handy. Rainwater offers a cheaper and more eco-friendly choice.


Water for livestock


Livestock usually requires a huge amount of water. This application is perfect for those who have a large amount of land with livestock. You can space the water holes around one mile apart.