Ideas for your next outdoor table centerpiece

Ideas for your next outdoor table centerpiece

A great table centerpiece can help pull a room together, and it makes a dining room look less empty when it's not being used. Finding the perfect centerpiece is often as easy as looking around the room and getting an idea of what would go well with what's already there, but what do you do for an outdoor dining room, where there isn't a room to look around? Here's a few suggestion on outdoor table centerpieces, depending on the environment they're meant for.


Forage For Foliage


If the outdoor dining room is somewhere woodsy, where you can see trees, bushes and maybe even some animals, use the local foliage for inspiration. Oak leaves, pinecones, apples - especially small crab apples, and plenty of other vegetation can be used to make the setting appear even more in tune with the environment. The upside is that materials are so abundant; craftspeople can customize fantastic decorations inexpensively. The downside is that they're often fairly light and fragile, so in the rain and heavy wind they need to be taken inside or covered with something heavy enough to deal with the weather.


Stone and Heavy Wood Sculptures


Just by the nature of them needing to be outdoors, exterior dining room furniture is usually strong, sturdy stuff that can handle getting a little beat up. Inside, heavy and abrasive materials like unpolished stone and heavy wood are avoided because they damage a table's finish. Outside, on a table made from stone or raw, hewn wood, it can work perfect, as well as being able to survive most weather.


Urban Contemporary


Glass and metal make good indoor and outdoor centerpieces. Polished chrome, aluminum and stainless steel hold up in wet conditions, and a little battery power can mean the centerpiece can provide lighting as well as beauty. These types of centerpieces are best for small areas that are protected from the wind, and should be taken inside in especially bad weather.