Transformation of a Classic

Transformation of a Classic


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With the intention of designing a modest renovation to improve their kitchen and open up the space to the rest of the home, the owners of this 1930’s Tudor approached Daniel Contelmo Architects, located in the Hudson River Valley of NY. As design conversations began around how the kitchen would be opened to the adjacent rooms, Contelmo suggested adding a proper mudroom for their small children. Soon thereafter, ultimately driven by a desire to create spaces of equal quality and functionality, updates to the family room, guest room, sunroom, and bathroom were included. Realizing the importance of extending their home’s living spaces outdoors as well, a two level back deck with a custom pergola and a new stone grilling area were also absorbed into the renovations. This all resulted in a beautiful transformational project –with benefits to aesthetics and function.

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With designs nearly complete, the homeowners raised concerns about the existing below-grade garage; the driveway was so steep that they had never parked a car in it. At first, radiant heat was proposed as an option to avoid the yearly ice and snow buildup, but the existing drainage pipes couldn’t handle the extra water. Instead, Contelmo and the owners decided to fill the driveway, burying the existing garage, and construct a new three-car garage. Built on a diagonal to the existing house, the garage follows the contours of a hill leading to a play area. The angle creates an interior connecting space that became the laundry room and mudroom, providing access to the family room, garage, and rear yard, while also allowing for a stunning exterior front courtyard. 

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The flat roof over the family room, a remnant of a 1970’s renovation, was replaced with steeply pitched roof, which blends perfectly with the existing structures. Slate shingles add to the historic character of the home. Looking to continue the outdoor charm of this classic Tudor home, a stone turret was incorporated. Providing a whimsical, rustic element to the exterior, the turret serves as a side entrance, an addition to one of the kids’ bedrooms above, and a curved staircase to a rustic wine cellar below. “Turrets are typically a challenge to construct, but they were masterfully executed by the builder, Home Enrichment Company,” explains Contelmo. 


During construction, it was discovered that the existing one thousand square foot rear deck was in poor condition and would have to be replaced. The new deck, constructed of sleek and durable Ipe hardwood, was built on two levels with a new pergola outside the family room extending the living space out onto the deck. The lower level of the deck connect to the kitchen, curving around the rear turret. Finished with hammered wrought iron balustrades, which border the perimeter, and a new stone grilling area allows the family to cook and relax outdoors.


What started out as a small kitchen renovation quickly grew into a nearly complete home remodel. Throughout the project, the scope of work changed almost continuously. The owners were flexible and responsive to Daniel’s suggestions. “The owners had great attitudes towards sensible design traditional architecture,” Contelmo said. He feels that the owners made the right choices to make their house a reflection of themselves while keeping its integrity. “I feel that, in general, we don’t own homes; we inhabit them for a certain period of time. Our obligation is to maintain them for historic value, while ensuring that they can be passed onto future generations as examples of excellent craftsmanship and enduring design,” confesses Contelmo.


Daniel Contelmo Architects was involved in all phases of the project including the design of the built-ins, lighting, hardscape of the exterior, as well as the construction contract administration. When reflecting on the project, Contelmo stated, “we strive to provide details that reflect those of the period of the original house, while adding a bit more formality in the spaces that demand it.”



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