Poolside Oasis in the Hudson Valley

Poolside Oasis in the Hudson Valley

With a new pool installed and dreams of extending their home beyond the backdoor, these Orange County, NY homeowners commissioned Landworx of NY to design and install the backyard of their dreams.

Words by Jackson Finds Photos by Corey J. Halstead

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Set back a good distance off a dreamy country road, secluded by mature forestry and well-planned privacy screenings, sits a beautifully designed poolside oasis. What was once a more modest—yet still very impressive—landscape with raised patios, walkways, and plantings just 7 years ago, has been completely reimagined to become the masterpiece that it is today. Leaving little more of the original backyard design than the children’s playground, Landworx of NY set out to create a cohesive landscape that integrated well with their client’s newly installed freeform pool. 


When approaching a project of this scale and detail, the planning and engineering that’s necessary for success can be mind-blowing to the untrained eye. It can certainly be a very stressful time for homeowners, indeed. Fortunately for these Montgomery, NY residents, they were working with a contractor they knew they could trust. Armed with complete design freedom and the trust of their now repeat client, Pete Nilsestuen and the Landworx team attacked the project head on. “Danny is very laid back,” explains Pete. “He said just do your thing.” With no forma design plans and a few cans of spray paint, Pete formed out the new design on the grass and rubble. After doing your “thing” in the Hudson Valley region for as long as Pete has, it makes that entire planning and engineering process look pretty easy.


The end result of the project lasting more than 3 ½ weeks in total is a perfectly designed, resort like experience a few steps down from the home’s sliding patio doors. One would never know that the now cohesive backyard landscape was completed at different stages over nearly a decade’s time—a feat of landscape design magic to be admired. Forming the outdoor dining space conveniently located near the home’s kitchen, the curves of the upper level patio bob and weave in what seems to be perfect harmony with those of the pool. Located on this same level—yet set off a bit with the perfect vantage point to the children’s play area—is an outdoor fire pit with seat walls wrapping the far side’s edge.


One single, sweeping step down leads to the pool patio, which generously wraps all sides of the freeform swimming pool, and a custom pool house. Offering a lounge-style space for relaxing poolside, the pool house features an outdoor wet bar, wall mounted flat screen, beautifully appointed outdoor loungers, and an outdoor shower. The pool house floor—built using Unilock’s stain-resistant Belpasso paver—offers a nonslip surface perfect for poolside environments. The upper dining and fire pit area and the pool patio feature Unilock’s clean-lined Umbriano paver in various sizes. Adding incredible elegance and sophistication, Landworx of NY installed a double border of Series 3000 and Il Campo pavers also from the Unilock product line.


A low-voltage landscape lighting system designed and installed by the Landworx team brings the outdoor space to life after the sun goes down. With solid bronze fixtures from Cast Lighting, the look and functionality of the lighting system extends the usability of the space while offering safety and security. The project was brought to it’s full potential with new plantings throughout, sod installation, and a complete irrigation system.


Born of spray paint, sweat, and imagination, this Orange County, NY poolside oasis is truly stunning to experience. A sense of calm rushes over as you enter the space and all at once you know that there’s nothing left to do but grab a drink and relax. 



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