A Luxury Pool Found in Bedford, NY

This gorgeous oasis by Elite Landscaping is located on a beautiful property in Westchester County, NY.  Immediately inspired by the view and the natural rock outcroppings, the team at Elite Landscaping designed a pool nestled into the existing rocks. Seemingly hanging off the side of the hill, the vanishing edge pool has a perfect back drop in the mountain sky. In January 2014, the design process began, with construction beginning just four months lanter in March. The proud homeowners were swimming in their newly created paradise for the July 4th holiday and enjoying the fully completed project in September.

Handling the challenging space included a large number of details that took great accuracy and attention. The rock chipping went on for eight days (using 10 a ton chipping hammer!). The pool coping was hand-templated, meticulously cut, and skillfully mitered all onsite by the Elite staff. Every stone was painstakingly—yet lovingly— cut and secured into place. In an effort to waste nothing, approximately 250 tons of rock and soil initially removed for the project was reused onsite for backfill, as well as shaping and creating new usable land that previously did not exist. 

The result? A serene pool and hot tub with a vanishing edge that leads the eye to the serene mountain view.


Of course, it’s important to remember that the pool is only one element of a larger, comprehensive design. Elite Landscaping designed and built a relaxing and usable landscape surrounding the pool, complete with lush plantings, a fire feature, irrigation, fencing, and most unusually, a subterraneous vault for housing the plumbing and electric for the pool. How’s that for engineering!?


Outdoor Home’s favorite part? Finding this beauty right here in the Hudson Valley/Westchester area. 


IMG_5698 2.JPG