An outdoor movie night... right in your backyard

An outdoor movie night... right in your backyard
Photo provided by Open Air Cinema, Text by Katie Navarra

Photo provided by Open Air Cinema, Text by Katie Navarra

It's been a few weeks since the last holiday weekend, the weather is perfect, and your itching for the next get together at your place. Here is an idea to bring your guests back and keep the outdoor parties fun. Enjoy the “just because” reason to celebrate! 


Warm summer nights are perfect for hosting outdoor movies. Appealing to any crowd, whether its for your kiddies, friends, or a game night, this is a perfect gathering! Simply select a movie appropriate for the audience, along with complementing food and drinks.


Consider the equipment available in your outdoor space. If you already have a drop-screen, large television, or a projector screen in your exterior space, you already have the equipment you need!


Even if you don’t have a built-in entertainment system, don’t rule out an outdoor movie night. You can string a sheet up in the backyard to serve as a screen or rent an inflatable movie screen to recreate a theatrical feeling. Sound is key! You can rent speakers to make your party a success.


Comfortable seating is another essential. Mix and match lounge sofas and individual chairs to offer guests ample seating choices. Ask guests to bring a blanket or sleeping bag for lawn seating for a fun throwback to childhood or when throwing this event for little ones.


Determine the guest list by the atmosphere you’re looking to create. If you’re looking for an intimate night with close friends, limit the invite list to eight to twelve people. However, if you have the space available and are looking for a casual “drive-in” movie feel, invite as many people as your backyard can hold!


Carefully choose lights for illuminating a path to snacks and bathroom breaks. Candlelight provides just enough light for safe passage without interfering with the movie.


Set up a refreshment table for guests to grab popcorn, candy, coctails, and other treats before the movie starts. Have plenty of ice available to keep beverages cool.


Depending on how close your neighbors are, be courteous and let them know your plans ahead of time. Consider inviting them in on the fun too! Enjoy!


Excerpt from the July/August issue of Outdoor Home. Want more ideas for unique parties? Click here