Craft Beer & Food Pairings - with Captain Lawrence Brewing Company

Craft Beer & Food Pairings - with Captain Lawrence Brewing Company

LOCAL CRAFT BEER is exploding big time right now. You see it at BBQs, weddings, and even fine dining restaurants. Why? Scott Vaccaro from Captain Lawrence Brewery sums it up in one word, “flavor!” Scott points out, “the flavors of the different styles are so diverse and offer such a wide range of flavors to match up with foods that it is undeniably a perfect beverage to pair with food.” It’s not always easy to know what beer to serve with what food and when, but it can be, with a few pointers. Scott shares these three tips to get your pairings done right!

1. For the grilled steak topped with Gorgonzola cheese that is featured here, “you need to take the beer up a notch so that it is not lost in the intense flavors of the cheese. The perfect match is the Captain Lawrence IPA. Big, bold, and full of flavors that can cut through the cheese without overpowering the steak.”


2. Don’t forget about the classic beer and food pairings. “Smoked Porter and braised short ribs is a match in heaven.” Scott likes the Captain Lawrence IPA with fish tacos. The brewery’s “Pale Ale is the perfect match for a grilled ribeye. The citrus and floral character of the beer, with a clean bite from the hops pairs up perfectly with rich flavors of a nice cut of meat!”


3. Consider the weather! “No matter what you are cooking and who is attending the party there is always a beer that will work. Captain Lawrence has been working tirelessly to create beers for every occasion. For those hot summer day BBQ’s the Sun Block, hoppy wheat ale, is the perfect match. Bright, citrusy and crisp it will work with a range of foods and will open your eyes to what hops can do. That said don’t be afraid to break out the Freshchester Pale Ale and the Captain Lawrence IPA, both loaded with hop character which helps beat the heat!”


The magical reason behind pairings (if it’s done well) is for your beverages to bring out the flavors in your food and yes, even make your food taste better (that is possible)! Of course, the same goes the other way around too. Captain Lawrence takes their pairings seriously and are increasing their food offerings. Scott points out that the brewery has “paired up with the Village Dog out of Tarrytown to offer homemade, gourmet hot dogs. Calling them hot dogs does not do them any justice. These are works of art! David Dibari of the Cookery comes by on Fridays during the summer and parks his Dough Nation pizza truck and cranks out some delicious pizza.”