5 Easy Steps to Grilled Food with Big Flavor

5 Easy Steps to Grilled Food with Big Flavor

Flavored oils are a simple way to add big flavor in a hurry. 

Using fresh herbs makes all the difference. 

Easy to make and easier to use, flavored oils offer a great alternative to heavy sauces for summer-time grilling. Make a simple flavored oil with rosemary or live on the edge with lemon-thyme, lime-cilantro, red-chile, or garlic-rosemary. Try a few different combinations using these 5 easy steps. The flavors are up to you!


A  w e l l - o i l e d  m a c h i n e  .  .  .


1.   Every good oil needs a home   Choose an interesting container to make and store your oil in. One that holds about 2 cups and has a wide opening is ideal.


2. Chop shop   Grab a fresh herb bunch and give it a rough chop. Toss in in the container.


3. When life gives you lemons   Add an optional burst of acidity—try freshly squeezed lemon, lime, or orange juice.


4. Flavor Booster   Optional flavor boosters like chopped fresh garlic or crushed red pepper flakes can add some personality to your oils.


5. Shake me up baby   Add the extra virgin olive oil and mix it all together — give it a good shake. The oil is best after giving the ingredients a few hours to mingle. Shake each time before you use. Finally, drizzle on your favorite grilled meats, veggies, potatoes, and fish and voila! Enjoy!


Happy Grilling!

The Outdoor Home Team