Brush the snow off your grill

Brush the snow off your grill

What better time to brush up on your grilling skills than the “off” season?  A few simple tricks will get you on the right track.

While the snow is falling here in the Hudson Valley, the team at Outdoor Home Magazine is thinking much warmer thoughts. Every year around this time, our mouths start craving those gently charred and smoky flavors that only grilled food can offer. So shovel off a nice little resting spot out in front of the grill and lets have some fun.


Great outdoor living starts with great food.  Here's a few tips to make it happen.


Use direct and indirect heat  Split your grill into different two different temperature zones. Start food on the hottest side and finish off on the not-so-hot side. This is the secret to a nicely seared and crusted outside with a tender, juicy inside. Those sexy grill marks you’ll start to see are a nice bonus too!


Invest in a good thermometer  Can't skimp here, this is super important to get perfectly grilled food. There are some great ones on the market now like the iGrill mini by iDevices. This thing is awesome! Whichever one you decide on, insert it and trust it.


Get your compound butters on  Ahhh, the real magic. This is the secret to quick, incredible sauces for steak, chicken, pork, vegetables and whatever else it hits. It also lasts, lasts, and lasts (in the freezer of course). You can use your imagination with this, but the key ingredients are unsalted butter, salt, pepper, herbs—think cilantro, parsley, thyme, or rosemary—and lemon or lime. Drop a dab of that on the top of your next hot-off-the-grill masterpiece and watch in amazement. Voila!


Happy Grilling!

The Outdoor Home Team