10 Must Do Activities in the Fall

10 Must Do Activities in the Fall

Many say the Hudson Valley is the most beautiful during the Fall, and boy do we agree. The gorgeous trees, the perfect cool breeze, and the stunning views. While there are some absolutely must go-to places, there is much for you to do right in your backyard. Here are Outdoor Home's top 10 things for you to do before winter comes along:


10.Take pictures. Fall is the best season for outdoor shots so get your family outside in their favorite sweaters!

9. Get moving, outside. A good workout, whether it’s a yoga session or a nice run, will feel refreshing in the cool fall weather, especially in the mornings or late evenings.

8. Grill some apples. Skip the pie and grab cinnamon or mint and take advantage of the delicious abundance of apples, right on your grill.

7. Fertilize your grass. Most grass needs it right now so that it can be healthy and bright for spring.

6. Stuff scarecrows. For your Halloween décor this year, use old clothes, scarves, and pillows to nail down this traditional fall activity.

5. Install an in-ground pool. If you’re thinking of getting the ultimate oasis, the fall is the absolute best time to install your dream pool – for many reasons, including cost and convenience.

4. Jump into a leaf pile. With or without the kids, no excuses! You’ll be raking anyway, why not have some fun with them!

3. Plant spring bulbs. They need the cold weather to get blooming in spring.

2. Host a bonfire. Pick up some sticks and toast up some marshmallows. Don't forget the Oktoberfest beer.

drumroll... the number one must is to...

1. Create your own lantern blaze. Get your carving gear and battery lit candles out and get decorating, right on your front lawn! And because it's number one, we'll give you a tip. Use a spray to keep those insects away. One homemade spray we like is a mix of one teaspoon of bleach with a gallon of water.