All-Star Cooking With Chef Ludo!

All-Star Cooking With Chef Ludo!


Grilling in the Hudson Valley with Chef Ludo

Renowned Chef Ludo Lefebvre was raised in France and trained with culinary masters for 12 years before basing himself in Los Angeles. His restaurant Trois Mec and ‘Bar a la Carte’ concept, Petit Trois, have revolutionized the food scene and earned praise from top critics, while his hosting role on ABC Television’s “The Taste” has entertained and inspired millions. 

He recently released the 10-year anniversary edition of his acclaimed cookbook, “Crave, A Feast of the Five Senses” which delivers his inspiring recipes to the home chef, while encouraging a deeper love and understanding for the process. Shares Lefebvre, “I want people to cook with love. I want them to be aware of what they’re doing. The act of cooking can be as much of a pleasure as eating, and if you really cook with your senses, you begin to find that cooking isn’t work -- it’s play.”

When at home, Chef Ludo relies on DCS—the pioneers of professional outdoor grilling—to get sumptuously seared steak; rotisserie roasted chicken; and flavorful vegetables that are grilled to perfection. Built on a heritage of commercial-quality appliances since the 1980s, DCS is engineered to deliver the functionality and power demanded by professional chefs; while withstanding the extremes of mother nature.

With warmer weather in full swing, Chef Ludo has embarked upon grilling season with a new obsession du jour: vegetables. With the current movement of so many vegetarians and vegans, and a greater interest in health and well-being in general, it’s no wonder that vegetables are having their grilling moment. Lefevre shares , “People are more interested in their health and learning about where their vegetables come from. The increased access to farmers markets around the country and better quality of vegetables have motivated people to cook more of them, as well...and it’s no fun to cook a vegetable that has no flavor.”

Chef Ludo’s secret for grilling the perfect vegetables? “When grilling vegetables, they should be treated like meat/protein: brine, baste, grill,” he explains. “People seem to associate vegetables with salads or stews--sort of the extreme of cooking. To me, vegetables are a main course and should be treated with the same respect.”

To bring the most flavor out of vegetables on the grill, Chef Ludo recommends: “Go back to treating vegetables like a protein and brine them the day before in water and salt. You will be shocked at the results.” 

It’s also important to oil the vegetables, not the grill. Before laying your vegetables on the grill, rub them all over with a light coating of oil,” shares Chef Ludo. While the DCS Grill’s ceramic rods minimize flare-ups by shielding the food from direct flames, you still want to avoid having your vegetables dripping with oil--a thin film is all you need. 

Chef Ludo’s famed BBQ Carrots, Orange Curry, Yogurt and Avocado is a much-coveted dish at Trois Mec, where the carrots are seasoned with oil and salt and charred until tender. The orange curry, yogurt, and avocado perfectly complement the carrots, imparting rich flavor and meaty depth. Recipe follows. 

BBQ Carrots, Orange Curry, Yogurt and Avocado

Recipe by Chef Ludo Lefebvre Trois Mec; Los Angeles


16-20 whole baby carrots (3-5 per serving)
6 cups BBQ sauce (see recipe below)

canister Yogurt Foam (see recipe below)

1 one of watercress Piment d’Espelette
1 whole avocado
1 whole lemon
Olive oil for seasoning
Kosher salt for seasoning

9 cups orange juice
3 cups champagne vinegar
4 tablespoons curry powder
9 tablespoons sugar

Place all ingredients in a medium saucepot. Over medium heat, simmer and cook to slowly reduce by 1⁄2. Cool down in an ice bath and store until ready to serve

1 3⁄4 cups yogurt
5 tablespoons water

Place yogurt and water in blender and mix. Place mixed liquid Recipe into an Isi container. Charge with 1 cartridge, shake and keep in the fridge until ready to use.


1. Pour the yogurt foam base into an Isi gun and charge once. Make sure to shake the container well, then store in refrigerator.

2. Season carrots with oil and salt, then char very well on the grill until tender on the inside. Make sure to turn carrots periodically to keep an even color all around.

3. While the carrots are cooking, place Curry BBQ sauce into a pot and slowly warm up.

4. Remove pit and skin from avocado and cut into quarters. Season pieces with salt and fresh squeezed lemon juice, to taste. Put to the side for plating.

5. When your carrots are cooked you’re ready to plate.

6. Cut the avocado further into 1⁄4’s and place on plate.

Put the carrots on a tray and glaze all sides with the hot sauce. Arrange carrots on plates on top/next to avocado. Remove yogurt foam from refrigerator and squeeze 3 dollops on different sections of the plate. Drizzle entire plate with Curry BBQ sauce. Season everything on the dish with the Piment d’Espelette and then garnish with the 3-5 pieces of watercress per plate.

Recipe by Ludo Lefebvre ©